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Seeking In September: Week Three - Ritual

One of the most life changing things I believe, out of my positive lifestyle, was creating ritual. Ritual for me was a form of habit which kept me focused on my dreams. It gave a very real sense of achievement, connection to my spiritual beliefs, and motivation to keep going. The visuals created, such as crystal grids, not only gave me a lift as I woke up in the morning, they also were a source of learning. Experimenting with what worked, and which crystal meant what to me personally, not just what the book says it's meant to mean.

How To Create Your Personal RitualFirst of all you will need to find a space in your home. It could be a small table by your bed, or simply a box. Ideally though, it should be where you will see it often. If you do have choose a box, then it is portable and can be placed anywhere.
Next, Go through the notes you have made so far this month and create a list of positive exercises you wish to practice which line up with your path so far. For example: Crystals…

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