Journaling Challenge: Adventure - Beyond The Horizon!

We've launched out, left the shore and headed for new horizons. Now it's time to embrace the adventures that lie ahead!

This challenge is a month long commitment to trying something/s new. You can start at anytime. It doesn't have to start July 1st, although prompts will start that day in the group.

How This Came About

May was an incredibly difficult month. June reaped the fruit of it's lessons. As I contemplated what lay ahead for me personally, I saw a theme. The leaving the shore for a new horizon was hard. But I could now see I was entering new territory. Adventure, the theme, kept coming up for me again and again. And so I decided to commit myself to a month of really focusing on the new things I had to do and to say YES to the doors that have begun to open.

What's Your Adventure?

So an adventure, by definition is:
An unusual & exciting or daring experience. Engage in daring or risky activity. An excitement produced by an activity. Willingness to do new or unusual things.

It doesn't have to be a literal exploration of a country, though it can be should you want it to be! One of mine is traveling within this country to explore places of spiritual interest.

You can do anything that is new, daring, exciting, scary etc. And that could be taking a course, reading a book and learning its lessons, take up a new skill, start painting/journaling free from expectations, and so on. 

To give you an idea, mine includes the following:

  • Travel Skethching
  • Learn about energy (chakras, crystals, etc)
  • Judgement Detox

Yours doesn't have to be more than one thing, as mine is. 

Where Will I find The Journal Prompts In Detail?

In the Dream Create Journal group on Facebook. I will be posting the prompts based on the days key word. 

For example day 15 is Explore. The prompt is "Are there any areas, little hidden ways, that you can explore?" You can take that prompt literally or metaphorically, depending on what your chosen adventure is.

Some prompts are more tasks. For example, Days one and two are more about the planning and research. So Day one is "Map - Choose your adventure/s."

Are You Ready To Begin?

As always, if you have any questions, find the relevant post in the group and leave them there. I will do my best to get back to you.

I'm really looking forward to this one and can't wait for you to join me!


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