Empowerment To Move Forwards

In my last post I shared my experience of resistance. It can be against so many things in life, and it was for me. But it wasn't until things got really bad that I finally "got it." 

As I was in the thick of it, however, I struggled. Like REALLY struggled. But that's all part of the journey. A wrestling seems to go on with your ego and your higher self. This would play out very clearly for me in how I dealt with the situation...

I resorted to numbing the pain by way of having a couple of drinks in the evening. I wouldn't even have that much. But because I was so emotionally exhausted, when I did drink, I had no energy to do anything to contribute to self care. The one thing I did do, thank goodness, was keep up my quiet times. The times I fill my well spiritually. It was because I did this, that the law of non-resistance clicked for me.

But going back to coping. It was far easier and quicker to numb the pain with a drink. I would experience a moment of fearless bliss. 

A few hours later, in the middle of the night, I would wake up feeling so dissapointed with myself. I knew that although enjoying a drink wasn't bad at all, I was using it for the wrong reasons. It was like my higher self/intuition could only get my attention at the dead of night. She wasn't judgmental, but she was trying to show me a better way. She gently said each time, "This is not the way for you."

It wasn't until the lesson of non-resistance clicked for me, that I saw clearly my higher self was right. Deliberate steps had to be made towards self care and dealing with the situation rather than numbing the pain and entering into a moment of fearlessness. In fact, by taking these steps, I would be stronger, more alert to intuition, and able to deal with fear.

What I didn't anticipate was a flood of sudden sychronicities to occur once I did start taking those small, deliberate steps of self care. That I will have to share in a separate post!

The Simple Steps I took

I decided to treat myself to some quality tea, which I made in the evenings, and treat each time very mindfully, almost like a ritual to well being. The tea was loose and prepared in a beautiful teapot. I got myself settled, used specific crystals as a point of focus, and then poured the tea. I got my head in a good place basically.

As the days went by, that's when sychronicities started happening and I could begin to see clearly the new horizon ahead of me.

That's also when a new found strength appeared. 

Is Your Higher Self Trying To Tell You Something?

By escaping in such a simple, yet toxic way, I was unaware of how I was very slowly striping myself of strength, potential and missing out on doors of opportunity to my dreams. My energy was ebbing away.

I had a key, but was hindering myself from using it!

By making very deliberate choices, listening to my intuition, I had cleared the way to a new horizon.

It's one thing learning a life changing lesson (Non-resistance), it's another thing learning it but dis-empowering yourself to follow through with what that lesson teaches you and the next step it leads you to. 

Your journal prompt is simply this: What is your higher self telling you? Is intuition prompting you?

It may not be clear to you at this time. But then again, deep down, you may already know the answer. Yours may not wake you in the middle of the night as mine did! You will certainly need a moment of peace and quiet to consult with yourself and journal your answers. You may, no doubt, even need a few days.

Please remember the group is always there as your tribe of like minded souls Xx


  1. Hi Geraldine thank you for sharing this deep and meaning ful post being so honest and true. I am on a very long journey as you are. You have taught me that everything is possible and self care is the most important thing to self healing. Im really enjoying your post although i have not been around much i alway read your posts . Could i ask where you got your crystals from i would love to buy some? Thank you so much. ❤ Michelle.

    1. Thank you so much! I actually get mine from a local shop. I would Google what is in your area and try to visit a brick and mortar shop as choosing crystals is a deeply personal experience. Otherwise, I can send you a couple of links to shops online. Xx


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