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Empowerment To Move Forwards

In my last post I shared my experience of resistance. It can be against so many things in life, and it was for me. But it wasn't until things got really bad that I finally "got it." 

As I was in the thick of it, however, I struggled. Like REALLY struggled. But that's all part of the journey. A wrestling seems to go on with your ego and your higher self. This would play out very clearly for me in how I dealt with the situation...

I resorted to numbing the pain by way of having a couple of drinks in the evening. I wouldn't even have that much. But because I was so emotionally exhausted, when I did drink, I had no energy to do anything to contribute to self care. The one thing I did do, thank goodness, was keep up my quiet times. The times I fill my well spiritually. It was because I did this, that the law of non-resistance clicked for me.

But going back to coping. It was far easier and quicker to numb the pain with a drink. I would experience a moment of fearless blis…

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