The Law of Non-Resistance

I have so much to share that I didn't know where to begin! For now I'll stick to what is relevant to our theme: New Horizons.

A major, and I mean massive, lesson that really clicked for me recently, is practicing non-resistance in very trying circumstances. Let me share what I journaled at that time;

Something happened that made me realise that not only is the culture in estates, like the one I currently live in, a toxic one, but also the ability to be a free soul here, appreciating nature, jars against this culture. Being optimistic, positive, creative, a dreamer, is counter intuitive to it....Being so resistant to this culture has got me stuck here..however, accepting this is their territory and so their culture, I must be accepting of it, not judge it, bless them and therefore become non-resistant. It is what it is and it is I who does not belong here. My soul will always feel caged up here, aside from the times I can create. A luxury that's not always afforded me. 
So I have accepted I'm in a 'foreign land'. One that is corrosive to the soul and needs healing. My blessing and non-resistance can contribute to that (healing) while I'm here, but it is now time to accept, let go, bless and move on. 

Being non-resistant frees the soul and therefore you are now unstuck and things can begin to move in the natural. It's funny because I've read about non-resistance a million times, yet it's only now that it's really clicked for me. This brings me to my main point; 

Every test is an opportunity to grow and change within in order to change the without, moving closer to our dreams or hearts desire. 

When we are experiencing a difficult situation, we give it most of our energy. It consumes our thoughts and we experience a range of negative emotions, leaving no room or energy for our dreams. When we do think about them, it's often lamenting the fact we seem so far from realizing them and the situation is the polar opposite. We feel impatient, frustrated and hopelessness begins to creep in. 

Non-resistance, however, frees us from putting all our energy into the negative situation and we can now focus it all on our dreams/desires. The situation may seem to rage on for a short while, but it starts to wane or the energy shifts, as in my situation. 

This realization has changed things. It has made me see other areas in my life that need to change. I say change, it's more about making different choices. Something I'll talk about in my next blog post.

As part of discovering new horizons, I am jumping all in and pouring out my heart in abstract. Interpreting landscapes by what I feel when I see them. So the journal prompts for you are:
  • Is there a situation you are resisting? By resisting I mean fighting against by being angry, resentful, and consumed by?
  • In what way can you begin to channel more positive energy into your dreams?

 As always, feel free to share in the group any thoughts or creations. 


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