March Magic Day Two - PLANT

Today is the first of something very unique...two full moons in a single Month. And it's on a full moon that our second exercise happens to fall on...

Plant a seed.

It can be any seed at all! You could look up the meaning of flowers and choose something relating to your dream. Or, if you want to see fast results, plant cress!

The purpose of this task is to have something physical and living, that grows with nurture. The seed is symbolic of your dream. Plant it mindfully and as you commit the seed/s to the soil, picture your dream being sown into life giving substance. As you water your seeds, picture your dream being given life giving energy. You can even stick a label on the pot with your dream written onto it.

Optional Extra

Buy yourself flowers. When they begin to wilt, buy more. Surround yourself with life, beauty and colour. As you smell their scent allow it to act as a prompt to ask yourself where your thoughts are. Have you reverted back to negativity? Limited thinking? Or let it be a prompt to say something you're grateful for at that moment.

Journal Prompt

Journal what flower you planted, when you planted it and why you chose it.

I chose Sweet Peas....or did they choose me?


  1. What a great idea, though I’m a bit stuck for finding earth in this snow. I’ll have to improvise today, until it’s better weather. :) . Thanks for this! Cheryl x

    1. I managed to get hold of a kit which included everything I'd need. Home Bargains is a great place to find them.

    2. Wilkos also have some lovely tub & seed sets for not a lot too! I think Kelly has a sunflower set from there :)

    3. Yep I found a lovely little ceramic yellow barrel that comes complete with sunflower kit :)


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