MARCH L.I.F.E - Face Your Fear & Receive Your Miracle!

Welcome to the end of the first quarter of L.I.F.E. Laying the foundations and finding your story. This month our focus is fear. Fear is debilitating and hides the real you. Fear stops you from shining. It feels so strong that we often give in to it and allow it to have it's way. For most of us it's a no go area. Full stop. 

But here's the thing. If you want to become who you truly are, shine and realise your dreams, you're going to have to face fear at some point. And the sooner the better. I think this has been my biggest block.

First, let me just back up a bit to the purpose of this year long course. To be your true self and realise your dreams. To be yourself is to shine. Letting your light shine isn't just some fancy sentiment. It's actually a very powerful, physical, truth. It has to do with energy and how much we radiate. We can all pick up the energy of a person, some more so than others. We can also discern whether it's good or bad. People are attracted to one who has a strong warm magnetic personality. That is the person who is letting their light shine brightly. You could say they are generating a strong magnetic energy. By magnetic, they attract people, opportunities, good things. 

But here's the thing. To let your light shine requires confidence, courage, belief, hope etc, leading to a positive state of mind and inner strength. However, the one great obstacle to letting our light shine is fear. For too many of us it has become such a familiar companion. Think about it. There are many things we fear...people and what they think, the future, change, stepping out into our dreams, starting something new and so on. We're not talking about rational fears here. We're talking about fears that literally stop us from living and being ourselves. A fear we loose ourselves to.

When we have allowed more room for fear than courage, faith, love etc we block our dreams and create unpleasant situations for ourselves. If fear were a person he'd be gloating in the lack of effort he has to put in to stop us. But it doesn't have to stay that way.

"It is our attitude of mind toward life which determines the experiences with which we are to meet." C.F.Haanel

Journal Prompt

So what can we do about fear? First, recognize it. Think what are your fears? The biggest fear to have held me back is criticism. More specifically, fear of what others think which crosses the boundaries of criticism. This has stemmed from my up bringing and being bullied in school. This is the biggest fear that causes many ideas to fail to even see the light of day. Mine...what I truly want to do on my Youtube channel. 

Inspired Action

This is totally optional and you can do this when you feel ready. It is a very powerful step. Inspired action stands for the I in L.I.F.E. which is the next portion of the course starting April.

Take one of your fears that is holding you back and face it. I'm not talking about your fear of heights, unless it is stopping you from realizing your dream. I'm talking about taking inspired action to face your fear. Mine would be to start making the youtube videos where I am talking to the camera as opposed to just seeing my hands all the time! This actually doesn't sound too difficult for some people, HOWEVER, everyone's fear is unique to them and there is zero tolerance for judging anothers fear.

The group is there to support you and to celebrate your achievements . There are many wonderful, supportive women in the group so be sure to check in should you need to and to share your accomplishments! 


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