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Towards the end of last month and beginning of this month, Geraldine prompted on the blog with a self assessment post. It started with answering questions such as, who inspires you? Have you let your planning slip? What is toxic in your life? What distracts you? We were then invited to pull words from our responses and use them as power words.


I chose to go down the line of planning and structure as this has not been the most straight forward area for me. I seem to have had a few false starts to planning this year.

I had already created an art spread earlier this year playing with colour. I shared it in the group saying I had started the page and couldn't remeber what for. There then came the response that the colours look like the Zapp lollies you used to be able to buy so with that I've dubbed it my 'lolly page'. 

With the pre-created lolly page, I sat and imagined how I wanted it to look. Geraldine had posted again showing how power words could be artworked onto tags. This sparked an idea.


I decided to create little vellum pockets and have tags sitting in them. There would be four in total. One side would have my journal thought process and the other would have my power word.

To begin, I grabbed my planner, wrote out the questions and a rather rubbish diagram to visualise how it would look. I then responded to the questions.


Once I had a brain dump written out, I condensed it and wrote it on the back of a tag. I'd already painted the front of the tag with shimmery paint so I chose ink colour to match. I then pulled out a word and got to practice my brush lettering on the painted side (need to keep going with that practice!).

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What I found when I was placing the page together is that it felt a bit like a tarot spread. I was creating the inital question, the heart of the problem, the plan and the outcome. It's a process that is familar to me and made the page feel very personal. I feel I can revisit it when I need to focus or ground myself.

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 Overall it was a therapeutic exercise, the original posts can be found here and here.

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  1. This is so pretty, shared on a few group walls on Pinterest too...ps: I am totally stealing this idea, I LOVE it xx


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