Let The Colours Sing!

For some time I felt stuck. I didn't know which way to go creatively. I watched video after video looking for inspiration.


Then I went back to basics. I watched videos of those who originally inspired me and found the answer to me creative block.

As I watched the medium the artist used (in this case watercolour) interact with each other, I watched in awe. Like, literally gasping as it seem to have a life of its own.

This got me thinking....

What if I just put the paints, inks, whatever, onto the paper or page and allow it to just be.

So that's what I did. And you know what?

It felt like I was a child again. Just enjoying the medium for what it was. Enjoying the colours, the interaction, and magic of it all.

But something else began to happen. I started learning more about the mediums I was using than I would watching an online workshop or forcefully creating something.

So I bought a stack of papers and am committing to having fun and letting the paint speak.

What is funny is that as I drifted to sleep pondering my block, I heard words along the lines of "Let the colours sing." I think this is what that phrase was talking about.

We shouldn't force anything. Just be present with our chosen medium and colours and let them speak, following your intuition every step of the way.

Don't try to create anything.

With the Distress Oxides I just played with them, enjoyed the process, and occasionally asked questions like, "I wonder what would happen if I did this?" And then did it!

So go to what you feel drawn to. Sit down and just play. Have papers or journals set aside for this very reason. It's such a calming, meditative process!

Enjoy and please share in the Facebook group your beautiful creations!!!


  1. "Just be present with our chosen medium and colors and let them speak." This really resonated with me. Something I need to work on. I think a lot of times I try to force things. Thanks for this perspective!

  2. Beautiful pages and so true. I never plan ahead, it never works out when I do. Go with the flow and see what appears xxxx


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