This month is all about empowerment. I wondered what this meant to me.

It took me a while to come up with an idea and how to show this in art. I follow Rhomany's Realm on Patreon and this month the theme is Goddesses as we are in the star sign Virgo. I started to research Goddesses and strong female figures. Nothing quite sat right for empowerment and what it means to me. I came to realise that in terms of empowerment, I am my own Goddess.

I focused on a pivotal point in my life, when everything changed. I used to be quite naive, not have much confidence and found a lot of situations emotionally difficult. I had a lot of issues with myself and I was quite an angry person.

Then I had George, my Son. During the birth, my Mum said there was a point where I physically changed. George was struggling and I'd been pushing for hours. My waters had Meconium, which meant George was in distress. I had a whole team of Doctors and time was running out.

I was given an Epidural which didn't really work. I could still feel everything. However it seemed to give me a boost. I went from a person who was scared and panicking, wanting someone to make it stop to a person who was in control. I was getting my baby into to world and it was going to happen soon. I was going to hold him and tell him everything was okay.

My Mum said as well as my body language and manner, I seemed to physically change. The look in my eyes, my hair, my skin. I became a Mother.

George was born shortly after, he needed his lungs flushing which had me yelling at them to give him back to me, then I had the longest cuddle. I didn't cry, my emotions were different. I felt like a Wolf and this was my Pup. I had a huge wave of contentment. Everything felt right in the world.

To get this across I decided to draw a Butterfly coming out of a cocoon. It's the ultimate change. However I didn't want this Butterfly to have delicate little wings, I'm not fragile. So I threw in a Steampunk theme. This Butterfly has wings that are strong!

Below is my progress images, I did this over the weekend at my Dad's house. AS you can see, his Dogs would insist on cuddles so I had to work around them!
  butterfly 3butterfly 2 butterfly 1

This is the final piece, Enjoy!
  FullSizeRender (41)FullSizeRender (39)
Thanks for stopping by, Kelly.


  1. Love this. You beautiful Goddess you!

  2. This is so powerful Kelly. Oh my goodness! <3


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