Art As Self-Care and Self-Empowerment - Part One

I have so much to share that I decided to split this into two parts. This first part is an art journal project I did as a process of healing and empowerment.

After going through a particularly tough time, one that required me to be my own hero and own my true self, I decided to paint a girl that represented my empowered self and incorporate her into a journal spread. 

This was the portrait I drew, the gold heart representing healing and self worth. The flowers representing abundance...

After cutting around her I scanned the image and printed it off onto sticker paper, along with a floral printable by Wilna Furstenberg. I then began the journal page process of which the video is below. Here I am adding the finishing touches of gold foil to the page..

Part two, I will be sharing some of the journey and notes I have made along the way. Some words I received one morning recently in meditation and they are words, I have come to believe, need to be shared. That is another part of owning myself, by being vulnerable and sharing what I was too afraid to before. I hope you enjoy the process video and that you will tune into part two which I hope to post tomorrow.  


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