Tool #1 The Magic Of Scripting

"Scripting breaks the habit of you seeing things as they are, thus constantly feeling negative, and opens you up to seeing and talking about new possibilities."

What Is Scripting?

Scripting is a thrilling process! Ideally, each morning, you open your chosen notebook and let your imagination run wild! Write out the day you wish to experience always keeping in mind that anything is possible. It is an exercise to lift your feelings to a level of excitement and anticipation, increases faith, which in turn draws in the manifestations you wish to see in your life. Scripting breaks the habit of you seeing things as they are, thus constantly feeling negative, and opens you up to seeing and talking about new possibilities. You can write as much or as little as you like and once you are finished, close your notebook and let go of everything you wrote trusting (trust is important) that you will begin to see synchronocities and manifestations appear as a result.

What Are Synchronicities?

Synchronicities are smaller physical manifestations that appear and hold meaning for you and only you. Bigger manifestations will come too. However, sychronicities are signs that you are on the right path so hold them with reverence. For example, the other day after I finished scripting, I went out with great anticipation. Two things happened in line with something I wrote, namely curious things would happen where I was going. The first synchronicity was a production crew were on scene measuring a shop in preparation to film. Believe me when i say this is the last place you would expect them to want to film! 
Immediately afterwards, I went into a shop to buy a magazine and in my change I was given a rare 50 pence. These hold meaning to me personally because I collect them. Not wanting to accidentally give it to the next shop in payment, I placed it in my back pocket. As I was given change from this next shop, I checked it and low and behold, ANOTHER 50 pence exactly the same as the one I was just given was in the change! These are physical representations that I am on the right path.

Benefits Of Scripting

Scripting highlights any resistance you may have to manifestations in your life. Doubts and unbelief are resistance. For example, 'This is ridiculous, it will never happen',  'I don't know why I'm doing this, it will only get my hopes up', or even sticking to the 'Hows', how you think it will and can only happen, and not letting your imagination to run free. Resistance coming up is not a bad thing because you can acknowledge it and deal with it. 

Scripting also provides writing fodder for would be writers! It unblocks creative writing! For example, one day for my scripting I just went nuts and wrote an scenario involving someone I wanted to talk to but had passed away. I imagined myself in a setting of their time and holding a conversation with them. Obviously, I wouldn't bump into this person later in the day, it did however cause me to flex and strengthen the muscles of imagination and non-resistance. Not to mention, a synchronicity could appear where you come across a photo of that person, an article, or something related to them. 

Scripting causes us to dream big and believe anything is possible. It becomes a sacred and deeply personal book of stories and dreams. It provides insight into who we want to become if we have been unsure of our life meaning. 

Scripting 101

It's simple, choose a notebook, or use your laptop, sit in a place where you will not be disturbed.Maybe light a candle, switch on your fairy lights, grab a brew, and even have a special pillow to sit on. Maybe put on some inspirational/ambient music. I will be talking about sacred spaces in another post. Then let your wildest dreams play out on the page! It's that simple. Pretend your notebook is magical! 

One thing to remember, we cannot control or manipulate others by any means. That includes scripting. We can be a influence for good, but we can never control others. 

I think that's everything covered. If you have any questions please ask in the post over on the group. Oh, be sure to have fun with this and play! Don't get all serious about it as an adult does to a child. Scripting is a tool to focus in on your desires and release resistance in manifesting them. If you are willing to, PLEASE SHARE what happens to you on this journey! 


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