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Hello Lovelies, Michelle here from UglyBugPlans, I am super excited to be guest spotting here today.  I am a massive fan of the three beautiful ladies who run this blog Geraldine, Kelly and Jeni and what they are doing here with the Dream Create Journal blog and Facebook group so when Geraldine asked me if i'd like a guest spot I jumped at it (floozy that I am)!

As you know this month focus is Dreams and Wishes, I decided to create a spread in my art journal as this is where my dreams and wishes take the form of art and what I choose to do to really relax and unwind. I headed to Pinterest and my vision board and printed out a few images to represent: travel, home and work.

Whilst growing up I was always told that I was a dreamer, had my head in the clouds and was very ambitious, to this day I still daydream just as much, I can often be found pinning things to my Pinterest vision board or searching estate agents websites for farms or small holdings.. I know exactly what I'd spend a lottery win on and where we'd go on holiday. Some people meditate to aid sleep.. I plan a lottery win haha, I visualise myself walking up the path to my farm house, greeting my alpacas  and heading into my studio to finish design work. I believe that the day you stop dreaming is the day things will never come true!

So this layout is a bit of a nod to the fact that my head is and will always remain in the clouds, my dreams are always at the forefront of my mind and I am constantly working towards them. I started with a layer of white gesso on the pages of my Moleskin cashier notebook, I then used my fingers to smoosh... yup thats the technical word for it right there... smoosh some acrylic paints around the page, I used yellow and then a few different blues to give the page depth, I used the darker colours on the edges  so that the yellow draws your eyes into the page. I then went over the whole page with a pallet knife in all different directions to give a ripples and textured look.

Once that was dry (thanks heat gun) I added my pictures and went over the whole page with white gesso again. The next step was embossing paste which I added a couple of drops of different coloured blue ink to and added that to the page with the pallet knife..I probably should have stopped here but I was having so much fun that I then went over the whole thing with some blue ink that I had watered down and applied with a sponge.

The white that I initially tried to write my quote with didn't look right so I allowed the whole page to dry over night and came back to it the next day with some gold calligraphy ink, I had planned on adding some stamping to the page but after the gold I really didn't think it needed anything else!

I totally love it and have a feeling that this gold ink will appear in more of my layouts :)

Thank you once again for having me, I've had so much fun and really can't wait to see what next months topic for us readers will be :)

Much love
Michelle xx


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