Artful Journal Pages Using Gold Leaf

In documenting the journey towards my dreams and wishes, along with how they manifest and the sychronocities that appear, I use a travelers notebook journal and decorate the pages using mixed media. I like to use them to experiment with different techniques, yet also to evoke a feel good feeling when I go to wrote on them.

Gold leaf brings something magical to the pages so I decided to incorporate it to mine.

Below is a step by step process of how I created pages using watercolours, acrylic, and gold leaf. There is also a process video at the end.

Using Watercolour & Stencils

 After applying a couple of layers of watercolour, I wet a sponge and, using a stencil, rubbed over the dry watercolour to create this bubble effect. Next I added contrasting colours as focal points of interest. 

Adding Acrylic

I then proceeded to blend titanium white acrylic paint with the watercolour focal points until I was happy with the results.

Prepping For Gold Leaf

In order to apply the gold leaf I sketched out my design first so I could see where to apply the glue. I used a fine brush to apply it and rather than waiting the 20 minutes for it to dry, I sped up the process using a heat gun. 

Applying Gold Leaf

Next I carefully placed the fine sheets of leaf using a small brush to smooth them down. Next is where the magic happens! I used a rough sponge to brush away the loose leaf leaving only the stuck down pieces...

Et voila! I am so please with the results! Now my pages are ready to journal on! Check out the process video below...


  1. Love this so much! I never thought of using gold leaf!!!!


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