Welcome To Dream Create Journal!

Welcome to Dream Create Journal blog! You have most likely found yourself here through our Facebook group. If not, please feel free to head on over there and join us. 

So here's an introduction on what we are about, who we are, and how this idea was born.

What Is 'Dream Create Journal' About & How Was It Born?

"I want to be INSPIRED to action, not motivated to action from a negative place." - Geraldine Jayne
My, Geraldine, passion is to live life to the absolute fullest, one day at a time. To find out who I am, discover my purpose, and pursue my dreams. In doing so, I have found that for much of the time I have been motivated from negative circumstances and situations. I would want to better my life because of the bad I see or the lack of what I want in my life. However, very recently, I came across a way of thinking so obvious and natural to us when we were children, yet we had drummed out of us. This way of thinking is to not look at what we lack and what our circumstances are, but to take what we do have alongside our dreams, and run with them using the power of imagination. How did we do that as kids? By means of play. 

We would take the simplest of objects and turn it into a castle. The patch of wasteland would become the backdrop for epic battles. The cut out cereal box would become a new house for the fairies at the bottom of your garden. The blank page would be the canvas to your dreams and imagination. If allowed to develop and grow, this creative passion has the power to literally transform the world!

I want to take back that power! That is what Dream Create Journal is all about. Oh, and to have FUN in the process!!!

Using the medium of creativity, we will set off on a journey to reclaim that power, nurture it, and watch our dreams unfold. Through art and creativity we can reclaim and find our true self, nourish our soul, heal, discover our passions & dreams, get through difficult times, and become an agent of change! Our creativity will be a means and focus to be inspired to change as opposed to focusing on the negatives which motivate change. The latter drains us whereas the former builds us up. 

Getting Started

  • Follow what lights you up! Each week commit to setting aside at least 15 minutes to create. Ideally this should become a daily practice but it's entirely up to you. However, your daily practice could simply be in the form of journaling as you focus on the weeks topic and months theme, while once a week you choose to do something else creative, such as art journaling, painting on canvas, scrapbooking, ANYTHING! 
  • You DO NOT need an huge amount of art supplies! Think as a child. Use what you have. If you get bogged down with thoughts of 'not enough' then that instantly sets you off on the wrong foot. Use what you have with gratitude and you will find your supplies will eventually grow. 
  • Remember, we are cultivating our creative passion with the goal of transforming different areas of our life. If there is a specific area you want to work on, allow that to become your focus. Choose words, symbols, affirmations etc to incorporate into your creations. 
  • As soon as something becomes a chore, STOP! Go back to what lights you up. You can do this very easily by going on Pinterest and observing colours that speak to you, or look at boards you created. Go for walks out in natures. Read a good book. This is your journey and you do not have to journal and create every single day. 

The Blog

The blog will be just one means of inspiration for when you need it. Every month we will set a theme. For example, the first theme is 'Dreams & Wishes'. Each week there will be a post by one of the admin team (see 'Who Are We?' below) as well as guests posts, to be inspired by both their art and their stories. You can use the prompts in each post as your own to give you a springboard in your creative journey. 

The Facebook Group

The group will be a place for like minded souls to share, inspire, encourage and support each other. A link to the blog will be posted each week, as well as giveaways, inspiring posts, quotes, and links to helpful articles. Please feel free to join us and share your creations. You can find the group HERE.

Who Are We?

Geraldine Jayne
Hi! My name is Geraldine. I am responsible for making the team post a fun, silly, and/or positive photo of themselves! Haha! Sorry Kelly and Jeni! Start as we mean to go on eh?!
Anyway, I have my own blog www.geraldinejayne.com YouTube channel https://www.youtube.com/geraldinejayne and Instagram @geraldinejayne My goal is pretty much everything said above...to at least have a positive impact in my sphere of influence by means of  creative passion. I love art and art journaling. To create beautiful, shiny things, dream big and overcome crushing lack of self confidence. 

Kelly Vizma

Hi I'm Kelly!

I like to think that I'm someone who notices things other people don't. When people look at an image, I see the colours. When people listen to a song, I hear the music and rarely the lyrics, therefore I'm rubbish at singing along!

I love crafting. I'm drawn to small things, layers, pockets...anything that draws you in. I love a story and something that could have history.

I'm a Mother of two small children, my world. I adore animals, if I'm not being creative/being a Mum, I'll be doing something related to animal care.

I have a blog:
IG: @the_scrapbook_girl

I look forward to exploring this journey with you!

Jeni Bristow

Hello! I'm Jeni.

Don't let my photo scare you...I do indeed have a proper set of lips. It is just when I smile, or in this case, err...well whatever it is I'm doing it likes to disappear!

I am an avid collector of all things pretty and silly and of useful things like mugs and teapots. Vessels for coffee and tea - the important stuff! I'm a part time blogger (translation: I'm rubbish at posting), recent Youtuber, and finally an etsy shop owner, now go look at my stuff! Oh and I also post on Instagram - when I can remember ;)


  1. So excited to be a part of this group! I found out about it from Geraldine. I'm a subscriber of her YouTube channel. Looking forward to all the inspiration and creativity that lie ahead. Thank you all for providing this forum. Donna

  2. Hi i really love this idea everyone needs inspiration and creativity in there lives. So looking forward to everything. Thanks for such a brilliant forum. Michelle.


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